Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Update from Adelaide

Adelaide, at least in Melbourne, is not known for its forwardness. Life here is more laid back, at least for me who has been drifting between an overindulgence in pay tv and delicious morsels of food. Along with winery touring and a pub visit it hasn't been particularly fast paced.

But don't let that fool you, Adelaide isn't always the stereotype it is purported to be. For starters the weather is supposedly often hotter and drier than Melbourne. Tell that to rain that is bucketing down as I write this post or the ominous clouds congregating above Mum's lemon tree!

Indeed it has been so wet here Mum has had to cover the lime with black plastic just to keep the abundance of moisture out!

The one odd thing in Mum's garden, though, it this little plant. Look closely, know what he is?

A tomato! A cherry tomato, that survived from summer and is thriving, flowering and FRUITING in the middle of winter! Must be something going on here, genetic modification? Mutation? Because it has been quite chilly and wet. Still let's see if it makes it to full fruit. I'll try and update a bit more while I am here, but computer access and internet access is via my Dad's ancient laptop, which has a bit of a fan problem. Indeed it is so loud I keep fearing the thing will explode any second. Stay tuned for more from Adelaide town.


donna said...

Fun to see what's growing in your Mum's garden. Quite surprising about the cherry tomato. Your Mum and Dad must be happy to have you there. Enjoy each other!

Dan said...

What a beautiful lemon tree! I am a citrus fanatic, especially the scent.

SuburbanGardener said...

Yay!! Nice job mum!!

prue said...

Donna, it is fun and yes they are happy to see me, bit I think i am even more happy to see them.

Dan - what citrus trees do you have? It is something about this area where my folks live, everyone has lemon trees, I keep playing spot to citrus over the back fence

SuburbanG - hehe She does definitely do a great job :)