Thursday, June 25, 2009

Quickie from out of town

Hi Everyone. Sorry I haven't posted in a while, got swept up in cleaning the house, finishing off marking and packing up my stuff. I have headed back to Adelaide for a few weeks for a bit of R and R. No more thesis for a while, no more Nazi memoirs, no more frerezing cold Melbourne!

Instead I am in Adelaide, which isn't that much warmer than Melbourne but it has family and my parents' puppies and lots more! So I will post about my Mum's garden soon, once I have got the camera out. At present I am sitting by the fire, with two snoring Cavalier King Charles Spaniels on my lap, sipping an Earl Grey and putting a jigsaw together (my parents found it at a market for $2, bargain hunters extraordinaire!)

Enjoy the change of scenery, I know I will! (though I do miss the balcony garden which has been left in the capable hands of Totally Awesome Balcony Sitter The Second)


Kirstie Close said...

my dear that sounds simply divine. enjoy it!! hamish says woof to the puppies. he would play with them if he could. he is also asleep in front of the heater with me. enjoy the nazi-free time.

Dan said...

Enjoy your getaway.