Wednesday, June 17, 2009

I am not that Patient

Oh Balcony Garden carrots, why do you take so long to mature? Mum has been harvesting multi coloured roots for weeks now and I swear I planted you first. I know the aphids have been a bit of a pain and it is very chilly for the bits of you poking out of the soil but what is the deal? What do you expect me do while I wait? I could talk to your multi-coloured neighbour the rainbow chard, but even he is not big enough to make a proper meal out of yet.

I could munch on a few snow peas, although they are desperately clinging to their flowers in a final hopeful bid that I wont see them.

I know, I know, you do say to just eat the Bush Bean but methinks you have an unnatural dislike for him. Plus he is taking as long as you to be fully mature.

For now I will just have to learn to be patient. Or else to enjoy eating you when you are small, very small, nay very very very small. It was quite difficult cutting up a 2cm long white carrot for the enjoyment of my dinner party guests last Friday. Apparently you tasted like carrot. How odd! Come on Mr Carrot, have a heart, or, at the very least grow one like the lettuce (or not, that was a very silly analogy). At the very least, just grow up!


Vaiva said...

I had the same problem with radish... Finally they all went to a garbage can... I have no place for the plants that do not want to grow at my place.

Fern @ Life on the Balcony said...

Your mom's dirt might be warmer than yours. Dirt in the ground tends to be warmer than dirt in containers.

Chandramouli S said...

Oh, we Geminis generally seem to have very less patience. My radishes were doing the same too. I had to pull them out today. Mine didn't flower may be because of the heat. Hope yours yield soon. Good luck, Prue!

SuburbanGardener said...

Hi Prue, How are your bush beans doing? Ours are not thriving as we hoped they would. Perhaps we're not being patient either. Are yours producing beans?

Melinda said...

Yep - I ate a 1.5cm carrot the other day in desperation...Not sure why they're taking so long in my garden!!