Thursday, September 10, 2009

Breakfast on the Balcony

The mornings may be a little nippy still but it hasn't stopped me getting out there and enjoying breakfast in the surroundings of the balcony garden. We have breakfast cuppa day 1

and breakfast cuppa day 2.

Bliss, absolute bliss and yes I do love that cup, a pressie from my parents, with some cute little puppies on it!!! Alas cup puppies are all I can have at the moment, the balcony garden and apartment are not pet friendly.


Michelle said...

I have to confess to enjoying the warmth of my kitchen for my morning cup of joe! But then I'm out to the garden first thing to see what happened the night before, like, did I trap another thieving rodent. Is spring in the air yet for you? I'm definitely detecting a nip of fall in the mornings here.

Bangchik and Kakdah said...

I love the look of your balcony, and definitely will enjoy having breakfast, and even supper there!! ~bangchik

Dan said...

I love my coffee breakfast and it is even better on the patio. So what is cold in Australia, 22c?

prue said...

Michelle - heheh i love heading the adventures in your garden, hope the rodent problem is under control. Because I am pretty much inner city possums and rats and even birds are no problems. Spring is in the air, but nights are way cold and it is realllllly windy.

Bangchik - Ohhh now that is a good idea, eating dinner on the balcony when it warms up :)

Dan - hehe coffee, now i want coffee!!! Oh well, the tea is brewing. Actually we have been having coldish weather, like 14, 15 degree days and 10 or 9 or even 6 overnight. Ok I know that isn't very cold but it's cold enough for me! Today is set to be 23 degrees, it hasn't been over 20 for a while so I am super excited. Though it is meant to be majorly windy also.