Monday, September 14, 2009

Mini Monday Harvest of Sorts

I just love Harvest Monday over at Daphne's Dandelions. Not only do you get to see the wonderful savings people are making with their harvests, it also provides some wonderful and sumptuous tomato pictures. Everytime I see the bucketloads of multi-coloured tomatoes I drool. Unfortunately the Balcony Garden Indoor Winter Tomato Experiment had to be culled due to extreme fungus gnat damage.

Pots emptied of all sickly tomato stems (they were soooooo weak they literally melted when I untied them from the stakes.)

Green tomatoes harvested which count as a bit of a harvest.

This is all that is left, some basil and one big rainbow tomato and one white tomesol, though I have no idea which is which! And yes that is the infamous electric toothbrush needed to pollinate the tomatoes so they go from flower to fruit (no bees inside!)

Most of these tomatoes ripened quickly, and I used them in a stir-fry sauce and a chilli. A week ago I harvested this little collection, a few tomatoes, a few carrots (on the small side) and some snow peas.

That harvest actually went to my cousin as a little present. What isn't shown by photos is that this style of collection continued throughout the week and I gathered the same sized mini-harvest (with bigger carrots) twice over! That meant some yummy stirfry, and good greens on the side of a chilli con carne lasagne. Next time I better remember to take more photos! Although the mini-harvests also included a lot of this ..


Yummmmmmmy rainbow silverbeet!!!


Daphne said...

Sorry to hear about the death of your tomato. Do you make things out of your green tomatoes? I keep telling myself every year I will and I never do.

Your silverbeet though is looking just beautiful. I haven't picked mine in a couple of weeks. I didn't even have any greens in my harvest this week.

Michelle said...

I'm amazed your tomatoes made it as far as they did, it's really difficult to grow something like that indoors. The silverbeet looks very happy, healthy, and delicous.