Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Bringing the Colour Inside

At the Balcony Garden Roast lovely Miss B, who once housesat the balcony garden for me, brought with her a lovely posy from the garden. I blogged about it here. A few weeks on the flowers were more than dead and gone, that is unless you believe in reanimation or vampire daisies! Alas this meant the living room was without colour and without a certain perfume that is a constant reminder of the beginnings of spring. It was whilest sitting on the balcony late today (having taken the afternoon off from uni due to the ails of the changing seasons (i.e. sore throat)) that I realised I could make my own pretty posy from the flowers in the balcony garden. At first I was hesitant because I didn't want to disturb the colourful balcony, which looks like this at present.

It would take some careful thinking and selection to keep the balance of inside and outside florals. I grabbed some of the lavender which was getting a bit unruly, so instead of stealing colour I was pruning and posying in one movement.

There was a large abundance of violas so surely the hanging pot would not look too shabby without them.

And the pansies were taking a beating by the wind so I saved a few of them, both white and purple.

In the end this was the result.

I looks lovely and smells great. Wonder how long it will last ...


Bangchik and Kakdah said...

How lovely to grow plants and enjoy the sight and smell of blooms and we really become very attached. To cut flowers and place them in beautiful vases, is a sweet gesture to make attachment lasts longer... Have a wonderful day, ~bangchik

nancybond said...

What lovely arrangements -- anything to extend the garden season is a grand idea. :)

prue said...

Bangchik - it is lovely, although the violas have wilted in a backlash.

Nancy - thanks, and yes it does extend the garden season. Although we are in Spring so are heading into the good times :)