Sunday, September 13, 2009

Lurking behind the Boronia

As I suggested earlier I love taking breakfast on the balcony (I also seem to have an equally pressing penchant for saying the words 'taking breakfast on', a phrase that is so quaintly
oldschool.) Though sometimes it feels like someone is watching me, lurking behond the boronia.

Ok so maybe that it not really a camera-wielding lurker behind the pretty pink bells, indeed it was actually me, trying to get the camera to capture their beauty. Of course it cannot capture their scent, which is simply divine. Daphne may be my favourite flower scent wise, but the boronia is certainly a sibling or cousin in this capacity because it inflames the nostril's senses with its equally heavenly scent. I am equally unable, it seems, to capture its visual beauty. I tried taking pictures of the whole plant and the pretty pink flowers simply faded into oblivion.

I tried the odd close up or two, all hot pink blurry messes.

I clicked from below but shadows hid the good things.

Nothing, it seemed could capture their elusive portrait. For now the boronia will be a pink blur and a bringer of the beautiful boof to the balcony garden, that is until I finally bother to buy a daphne, or a better camera!


nancybond said...

Your camera shows a very pretty bloom, and I like breakfast (or at least coffee) on the balcony, too. :)

Bangchik and Kakdah said...

Camera has the eyes to capture beauty but nose has the capacity to recognise heavenly scent of flowers. Pity those allergic to pollens and cant get near the source of heavenly scent... ~bangchik