Monday, September 21, 2009

Pink and Red don't always Clash

I've picked up the posy theme again this week with a snazzy pink and red number. Mum always told me never to wear pink and red together because they clashed. Most times I agreed with her, but this time I think the hot pink of the boronia works nicely with the differing hues of the snapdragons and vibrant scarlet geranium. It also smells amazing because it is all bound together with lemon thyme!

Again I'm having camera issues so I've included both shots, one to give you an idea of colour, and one to show it more clearly (but flash makes the colour vibrancy fade.)


Melinda said...

I'm quite amazed at the variety of flowers you can grow on a balcony! I'm looking forward to getting into this now after being quite sad about leaving my courtyard garden.
Thanks for the info in your comment, anticipating your post on the subject!

Helen said...

I've always liked the combination of pink and red -- depending on the pink and depending on the red. Besides, to me, few flowers clash. Mind you, some do look better together than others...

Congratulations on your Blotanical nominations.

prue said...

Hi Melinda - you can grow pretty much anything on a balcony, if you find the space. I'll post soon on the pots, just have to get back home first!

Helen - thanks, really quite a bit exciting to be nominated. I think the pink and red might be clashing now because I forgot to throw them away when I left for a week! Now it might be brown and green!