Thursday, May 28, 2009

A Small Post on How NOT to Trellis

Over the past few days and weeks I have read some really insightful ways to create an affordable, durable trellis. Dan over at Urban Veggie Garden suggests a set up with very tall Bamboo and compostable string. The Cheap Vegetable Gardener similarly makes frugal use of Bamboo, twine and an old, dead bush. Erin at The 6 x 8 Garden uses scraps and her existing balcony to create what looks to be a very good set up for her climbers. I, on the other hand, given I am the totally inept balcony gardener, have decided to use my 'experience' to give a few tips on how NOT to create a trellis for climbing veggies which are, in my case, snow peas. I do use the same few ingredients here, bamboo (or in my case plastic poles) and twine, but boy oh boy are the results different. Thanks to my follies here are a few trellising no nos.

Trellis no no Number 1 - Always make sure you build it to an appropriate height

The peas may keep growing, but the trellis certainly will not!

Trellis no no Number 2 - While it is good to get a bit creative and candles may look pretty as inpromptu stakes, once the plant reaches them and you want some outdoor tea light action they are a bit of a silly idea, unless you like your snow peas freshly scorched from the vine!

Trellis no no Number 3 - Always consider the needs of the other vegetables in the garden, a broccoli does not flourish when caged in like a zoo animal. Allow enough width of trellis to have a 'free range' broccoli rather than the caged kind.

Trellis no no Number 4 - Make sure if you are using twine it is wound tightly, otherwise the pea vines are more sturdy than their intended support!

There you have it. With the good guides listed above and my few silly trellising accidents I am sure you will have all the knowledge you need to create good supports for your peas, beans and other climbers.


Sandy said...

Hi Prue,
Thank you for your tips in trellising. They are nonetheless as helpful as the other guides that you provide in the start of your post :)

Sakura said...

Ha ha, that is a great post. Hilarious and informative. People underestimate the value of their own mistakes. It's all part of the fun!

Fern @ Life on the Balcony said...

You have such a good sense of humor (or humour) Prue! Other than the tea light mistake, I've made those no-nos too! :-)

Chandramouli S said...

Hmmmm... Those are great tips, Prue and I'm sure it'll be useful for my future veggies :) Thank you.

vuejardin said...

Thanks for the great ideas for vertical gardening.