Wednesday, May 13, 2009

All are Banished

Ok so maybe not all are banished, but to make way for the inside winter tomato experiment the lovely and ever fruitful strawberries have been banished to the outside to join their other lovely garden friends on the balcony garden.

At the moment they are living on top of the airconditioning unit. Not the most ideal place but it has to do at the moment, as there really isn't much more space. I think the final straw was when I saw them riddled with red spider mites and decided to oust, spray, and hope. Lets see how they cope with the cooler, changeable weather outside (the strawberries that is, not the spider mites, I think i eradiacted them all.)


Lisa said...

I couldn't get rid of my mites. I had to pull all of my okra up, and then I pulled up the one stray bean and the one stray zucchini, just in case - they had a few patches of unwanted visitors too - but I have just seen a few stray ones on my strawberries as well...stupid, horrible little things

prue said...

Lisa - I'm so sorry to hear that! I ended up using pest oil, totally bad for the environment, but I know something worse for the environment - Prue on an anger rampage after mites blighted her garden! It's the lesser of two evils really ;) Got your autumn planting underway? Any room inside your place for a tomato plant??? (I have extra seedlings hehehe for the winter plant experiment, ooops)

Gardeness said...

Haven't spotted mites but those ants I'm not fond of either. Recently picked up a companion planting book to help with pests.

Lisa said...

Probably - we have quite wide sills. I have just brought inside some cuttings that were failing, and a strawberry runner that looked like it was going to die - although you should know that I have had absolutely no luck with tomatoes thus far. Wilt and mould and plain old cold combined against me.

Isn't it a bit cold for tomatoes now?