Thursday, May 14, 2009

The Balcony Garden at Present

On the eve of Garden Bloggers Blooms Day I thought I would give you an update of how the Balcony Garden looks on the whole at present. There have been a few movement since this photo but on the whole it appears pretty much like this. Here is he view from the airconditioning unit looking down the balcony. That sunflower is the single headed one and is taller than me!

And then one in the reverse. In the summer this section behind me also contains tomatoes and the lemon tree because it gets an amazing amount of sun. Alas in winter it is slightly barer given the change in the sun's position. The empty pot now contains purple sprouting broccoli.

We have the crowded corner, which was filled with tomatoes when we last saw it. Now it is complete with snow pea squished broccoli and the lemon tree in its Autumn/Winter position. Here I am also growing beetroot, carrots, daikon radish, leeks, bush beans (by accident) and more. There are also some small mint cuttings and other seedling that I grew for a friend but we haven't put in her garden yet to plant them and time I am afraid is running out.

On the table we have the Gazanias, the Begonia and a few very small pots of corainder, rainbow silverbeet and an ash tray. I don't smoke, but as the eternal hostess I have to be prepared for anything and there is no way any of my guests are smoking inside! It is also a little bit cleaner at present.

So there we have it, the balcony garden as it stands. Well ok succulent corner was kind of out of the picture and the inside plants including the tomato experiment and the newly moved strawberries were conspicuosly absent but I'll post on them soon.


Chandramouli S said...

Like your small space and am amazed that you grow so many! You're great, girl!

vuejardin said...

Lots of green in your patio!

Kirstie Close said...

you're balcony is looking fabulous! well done :D

prue said...
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prue said...

Aww you are all so nice

Ms K you know those seedling are for you! I'll bring the mint round when I come to see the puppy on the weekend! Can't wait. Wish you were home today!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Siskelkk~~ I am behind on blog reading and it seems like forever that I've visited you. Your balcony is looking mighty fine in its winter bliss.

I was wondering about Melbourne's winters. Are they pretty mild? As in do you get snow and freezes or just cooler sunshine?

prue said...

Hi Grace - they are pretty mild, doesn't frost much in the city at all, and certainly no snow, except way way out of the city. Kind of rainy, showery really but nothing like a proper winter. Hopefully most of this will survive through it! Not quite nearly as big as your garden, but I try :)