Monday, May 25, 2009

Mystery of the Balcony Garden

Guess what I found in the balcony garden today ...
I've posted about it a little lately.
It's is something I've waited for in eager anticipation.
It's a substitute obsession for the tomatoes.
Any guesses?
Want the answer ... you'll have to wait until tomorrow!


Kirstie Close said...

radishes? or sunflowers?

Dan said...

hmm, I am going to guess snow pea.

Anonymous said...


Chandramouli S said...


Fern @ Life on the Balcony said...

Hmm...something that grows in fall/winter...How about...Broccoli? Brussels Sprouts? Cabbage?

prue said...

hehe Dan you got it right!

Although the continued Strawberry fruit despite the harsh outside weather are very heartening Grace, and Kirstie the sunflower looks ready to go any day!!! It is over 2 metres tall!

Oh and Fern the broccoli too is starting to head and Chandramouli I wish it were radishes.

Does anyone know if you can eat radish greens and/or if they taste any good?