Monday, May 11, 2009


What happens when a post about tomatoes, meets a post about lettuce? Throw in some bread and piggy wiggy goodness and it becomes a post about the humble BLT!!! The first white tomato to ripen inside, a wee little fellow, made the perfect T in this BLT.

Add some lettuce (alas not from the garden, the lettuce is still rejuvinating after the over eating) and you have a tasty nutritious L.

Crunchy bacon made the B and it was all set on some lovely light rye!

Tasted an absolute treat. Now I cannot wait until the other larger white cloud tomatoes ripen so I can have more.


Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness, does that ever look delicious! I looked for "yellow tomato" seeds this year and had to settle for miniature, pear-shaped ones, supposedly early plant and early harvest. We shall see. Yours look wonderful!

Sandy said...

Your BLT looks good! How does the taste of yellow tomato compare with a red one?

Michelle said...

Oh yum! I'm so jealous. The first BLT of the season is still months away. I like to do BBT's as well - Bacon Basil Tomato.

prue said...

Nancy and Sandy - these are actually meant to be white tomatoes!!! Taste is soft, creamy and yum. The other yellow ones I grew had a bit more zing, but I like these better.

Michelle - there was basil in there too, the last of it because I had to pull it all out! Yummy isn't it

Dan said...

Oh you just have to taunt me with that BLT! hehe.