Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Tomato Hauls and the Heatwave that is in the post

Low and behold the spoils of yesterday's Oh-My-God-The Sun's-Gonna-Kill-Them-Better-Pick-Em-Now Tomato Haul

One bowl full of Black Russians, A Green Zebra, and numerous red and yellow cherries. To be honest I got double this haul but my totally awesome best friend was over yesterday and took a similarly sized and varied haul home for her mother (her own tomato plants were 'defruited' by sneaky rats so I am glad to make her and her mother smile)

The forecast top of 38 degrees yesterday never appeared, though we did get to 35 degrees late in the day and the night didn't cool down too much. Slight relief. But as it was already 25.7 around 9am this morning, the revised top of 41 degrees Celcius should appear, by oh, say around lunchtime. And looks like it is not going anywhere fast Thing is they revised the temps again, so now the numbers of fear read

41, 43, 40, 40 (that's an extra day of scarily searing sunny heat)

Apart from moving to Antarctica has anyone got any garden (or personal) survival tips?!?!


The Itinerant Gardener said...

Those Black Russians look great - and no, no tips for the heat other then stay inside. If no airconditioning, put a damp facewasher in the freezer, then put it on your head once frozen, looks ridiculous but works a treat. I don't know if there is a plant equivalent of that!

Dan said...

I have not felt 41c since August. When we have temps that high in the summer is always comes with very high humidity which makes it even worse.

Great looking tomatoes, maybe some nice cool gazpacho soup will be in order.

Anonymous said...

Anything above 25C is too hot for me -- as Dan said, when our temps go above 30C, they are almost always accompanied by high humidity which makes it simply wretched. However, your tomatoes look absolutely delicious! Well done.

Fern @ Life on the Balcony said...

Wow! Awesome looking tomatoes you've got there.

My only tip is to keep your plants well watered. It will help keep your plants cool and hopefully keep them from wilting in the heat.

Tyra in Vaxholm said...

Hi there, how wonderful. Here I'm sitting fiddleling about with my seeds longing for plate as yours with lovely tomatoes!

Green Zebra was a favorite last season, very nice in tomato salad.


Dawn said...

Don't be discouraged! Everyone's garden looks tired just after midsummer. You have a lot to be proud of. You can get a quick start on a fall garden by rooting cuttings from the growth tips of your tomato plants. You could also try cutting your tomato plants back by two-thirds. They can better weather the heat and will grow out fresh new branches shortly.

Chandramouli S said...

Lovely tomatoes! Yummy yum!