Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Mum's tomatoes

Ohhhhh I wonder how my tomatoes are doing. I am sure totally awesome balconysitter is keeping them alive in this extreme heat, and is enjoying their tasty goodness.

In the meantime I am lucky enough to be tasting the fruits of my mother's gardening labour. She has some cherry tomatoes and some money maker tomatoes in her little veggie patch. They were divine drizzled with a little olive oil, basil, kalamata olives and seasoning as my impromptu dinner last night.

But no interesting Heirloom varieties in her garden this year - as for next year, I certainly have some plans ...


Chandramouli S said...

Wow, the tomato plant looks like a monster! I hope he yields like one!

Jan (Thanks For 2 Day) said...

Wow, picking fresh tomato's off the vine are one of my favorite things to do in the summer here:)

In fact, those are the only veggie I've ever grown here, and I put them in a pot on my deck. Last year they got so tall I had to get 9'foot stakes to hold them up! So in a way, that is balcony gardening--although I'm not sure you would be able to have a stake that high:(

I'm trying to learn how to grow more things in pots, up on my deck...because my yard just doesn't have the right areas to put in a veggie garden.

I added you to my blogroll & my followers list. I've been here before but somehow have missed visiting you for some reason...there are SO MANY bloggers who I love to read, so it's easy to forget some occasionally...but now I will be able to see when you post. It;s a bit overwhelming trying to keep up with everyone! Jan