Wednesday, January 21, 2009

The horror of statues and dresses and water restrictions

Yesterday's post was intended as a casual stroll around the semi-clad women of my mother's garden. One in particular, the striking amazonian in the backyard is my absolute favourite.

She (the statue, less so my mother) also loves a bit of a party and at my halloween-themed farewell from Adelaide in late 2006 she got into the spirit of things. Donning what we affectionately term the 'pirate stripper dress', a tiara, and clutching a cigarette in one fist, knife in the other, she would have won best costume, except for Marty's exceptional performace in drag.

It's pretty creepy, but remember it was halloween (in February, kind of like an inverse Christmas in July thing) but what is scarier is on occasion, usually in aid of fancy dress or a goth nightclub, I wear that dress myself! And even scarier than that is the deterioration of Mum's garden over the past two and a bit years, that beautiful and carefully tended hedge is long gone!

* A late addition - for all those who wondered how humans and statues could share clothing, i scoured my photo collection for one of me in the 'pirate stripper dress' but alas could not find anything that did not feature me in a shocking display of overt alcohol consumption. Instead i give you the below picture, taken from my Halloween Party of 2007, wherein I am dressed as Devil Red Riding Hoodie complete with water pistol in boot holster, Friend 1 is - well - we never guessed what he came as, i thought a strange version of Colonel Sanders - and Friend 2 came dressed as - wait for it - me! Hence she wore the pirate stripper dress!


Fern @ Life on the Balcony said...

You share clothes with a garden statue? Are you extraordinarily short or is that statue taller than it appears?

siskelkk said...

i'm 5 foot two, so i'd say the former - plus it's not the biggest dress, and the statue is, well, almost lifesize (though she'd be anorexic if she was real!)

Anonymous said...

I was thinking how LUCKY you were to be able to share your clothes with her! :-) You must be petite. Thanks for the smile.

Jan (Thanks For 2 Day) said...

My daughter is just under 5'1"-so I know what petite is;) (Not personally, though, cause I'm 5'7"). She and I have never been able to share clothes;( Perhaps I will suggest this to her...hmmm.

siskelkk said...

Heheh, short yes, but not necessarily petite. Mum and I used to share clothes, but in the past years she has remained slim while i ballooned out - in fact if i recall I think we pinned that dress to get it to fit!!!