Thursday, January 8, 2009

Inept BG goes a visiting (again but somewhere very different)

As most are probably aware (if the titular reference does not give it away) I am fairly new to gardening. So i guess i stumble around in the dark a bit at times. Now it is time for my first long stint away from the garden, and one day in i am already feeling little pangs of guilt. Is this normal?!?!?

The balcony garden is in very capable hands, (thanks totally awesome BG sitter), but now i am in a different city, in a different state, i feel slightly, well, i guess i miss the morning ritual!!! Insane i know.

So for the next two and a half weeks i'll be reporting from a different garden, one that is not confined to a balcony, the garden in my parents' house in Adelaide. There are tomatoes, which are way bigger and riper than mine, some other veggies, plenty of succulents and drought hardy plants. You see Adelaide is even drier than Melbourne and water restrictions are very very tight (even though my parents now count as seniors, a point which makes me laugh out loud because i know 20 somethings who are less active than this pair, the upside of which is that they can get a permit to water a little bit later in the morning than other people). I love my yearly (sometimes twice yearly) jaunts back to Adelaide. Mum fusses lovingly like when i was a teenager, still has her contradictions that make me smile and cringe at the same time, like when she makes yummy desserts then stares/comments dissaprovingly at my ever expanding waistline! Still we get to shop and sew and cook and chat and do all the things i miss doing with her on a daily basis (through honours, the hardest academic year of my life, she pretty much kept me sane) And Dad floats rounds too, when not at work, pouring the most dilectable wines, and rememebering/forgetting/remembering again-including-an-embaressing-anecdote-for-good-measure, my Adelaide friends' names. All quite lovely, it is hard to think why i ever moved out - oh yeah that's right i was 26 at the time and the uni was offering me money to move - who really could refuse!?!?!

So for the next two and a half weeks you will be getting updates from this new garden! Oh and one other thing to watch out for in this place, they are small, menacing, playful, hungry eternally ands will lick you to death if possible ...

And right now they are laying at the foot of my bed, snoring!


Fern @ Life on the Balcony said...

I'm looking forward to see your 'rents garden!

The Itinerant Gardener said...

I think its very normal to be anxious about your garden - I'm still anxious about gardens that aren't mine, that I've looked after at various times!