Sunday, January 11, 2009

Borrowed Surroundings

At present i am taking a working break (though technically i guess if i am working it is not really a break) in my old hometown of Adelaide. I am reading the memoirs for my thesis and writing a chapter at my parents lovely suburban home, surrounded by two lovely little puppies (one of whom just tried to eat a bar of soap!!!) and a house without a balcony. Ok so there is a sort of porch out the front, but it is very different to the balcony garden i am used to.

This is a glimpse of the backyard of this place, a sort of cottage-style garden built with drought resistance in mind (they get precious little rain here in Adelaide and are on pretty severe water restrictions) although there is still an ability to maintain a lovely little veggie patch.

Below we have two views of the backyard, complete with roses, succulents and more.

Then this is the veggie patch. It holds leafy greens such as silverbeet and lettuces, tomatoes (consisting of Money Maker, a cherry and apparently a volunteer tomato plant of unknown background, truly yummy though) and various herbs, including the oddest tasting basil, perhaps it just grows sweeter on the balcony.

The folks with kill me for this photo but this just shows how much they enjoy their outdoor area, BBQing there in the summer (despite the mozzies, which seem to all find me far more tasty a morsel than any others at the dining table)

Don't worry, i have another two weeks here, there are plenty more pictures to come, including mum's odd need for scantily clad female statues (i've spied a good half a dozen around the garden) parts of the outdoors which are tucked away but so full of pots it makes me feel at home, and the lovely indoor plants that liven up the place.

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