Saturday, January 3, 2009

A little bit bigger now, Garden update 2009

Over Christmas/New Year my parents visited from Adelaide, and we did the requisite trek to all my relatives' houses and shindigs. Despite living in the same city not many of these relatives have seen the balcony garden, so i produced my camera to show them some pictures. To my shock, the only pictures contained on this battered red beauty of a camera were from several months ago and did not do the advancing growth of the balcony garden any justice.

Then on new years day i ended up doing a rather major cull, the spider mite infested flowers had to go, as did a large proportion of the basil, which ended up turning a divine pesto (i got a very swish kitchen whizz for Christmas so this was its maiden voyage) In their place i planted a random selection of goodies from the ever growing seed drawer.

Today I decided to remedy the lack of current photographic proof and below is an updated version of the balcony garden (and some comparison shots just to show that it has actually developed)

This is as complete a view i can get of the garden, without climbing onto my neighbour's balcony.

The overcrowded tomatoes, despite the odds, have grown, and fruited, though nothing but cherry tomatoes have reached the kitchen yet.

Succulent corner has expanded a little, although the Christmas succulent remains inside, not only because i am slightly too lazy to remove his Christmas glitter, but because i have not decided yet whether he is now too large for the balcony garden, even with pruning, and may be better suited to a free range existence in my birth mum's garden.

I cleaned up the table, although the before picture does not really convey the amount of plants that were clogging up the glassy furniture, and removed some of the less well nurtured plants from it, mostly because we like to have a drink out there in an evening and it was becoming impossible to balance the flutes for the flora (the drinks included a lovely Chandon on new years eve, thanks Aunty Cate and Uncle Pete for such an enjoyable Christmas present)

and as for that indoor tomato plant, planted very latish in November, well he just loves it there (despite the intruding lego treehouse)

Let's see what 2009 has in store for my balcony garden ... hopefully less spider mites!

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Chandramouli S said...

Cool! Your garden looks s neat and clean, unlike mine. lol! No really! I somehow feel maintaining garden of pots is difficult than on ground, where you receive very little help from Mother Nature! Glad am I that I bumped into your blog. Will be back. Happy New Year!