Sunday, January 4, 2009

My neighbours must think I am bonkers

Seriously my neighbours must think me a perfect candidate for the asylum (my friends already know i am ...) This is mostly due to my bizarre love of sitting by my bedroom door staring at the tomato plants.

I am not enacting some strange daily ceremony that finds me willing them to grow. Ok so maybe i chat to them a little, as most self-respecting tomato gardeners do (except that they don't talk about it, admit it, or get busted doing it) but that is not the main point of it either. Nor am I simply getting some fresh air, the apartment does tend to be strangely stuffy, but i can get fresh air in the living room. No, there is just something intoxicating about the view from my room. Yes there is still the busy road, and the perplexed neighbours on the otherside, and the people in the trams (who can see me, my friend Mary reminded me of that today when she said she went past on the tram new years morning and saw me watering in my pyjamas!) Although they see me i never see them. I am slightly too transfixed by the tomatoes.

So I probably look a little bit odd continually sitting in my doorway when i can, but with a view like this wouldn't you?


Michelle said...

I admit, I do talk to the tomatoes and every other growing thing in the garden. And, I'm regularly caught doing it!

Craig said...

I enjoy staring at my tomatos just after spraying water on them. The little droplets in the sun just can't be beat. Great post, my neighbors think im nuts too.