Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Punk Plants

I think most folks would know of the punk movement in music, not many may embrace it, but knowledge of its existence and meaning is probably a given.

Less people would know about the punk movement in historical studies, an idea that follows very similar principles, writing history in a way that moves against the norm, utilising techniques that seem obscure, perhaps dissonant, but still achieving a workable, readable, narrative goal. It's not a very large movement but it exists.

Now I have come to find punk elements in my garden, in particular a rogue celosia plant that just wants to buck the establishment. He, at one stage in his life, grew upwards, reaching for the sun. Then one day he changed course, told his mate he clashed with him and popped on over sideways. He continued this trajectory until one day got bored and decided a bit of sun was in order. Then he started to grow up, but his past is always obvious. He survives, nay i'd say thrives in this unorthodox position. So bring on the punk plants, the ones that don't grow the way nature intended (and incidentally grow a lot better with Iggy Pop in the background)

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