Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Snow Pea Pleas

I'm not sure if my neighbour caught me, but I spent a great part of the early morning pleading with the snowpeas. The are an impressive height, growing on a much better trellis than last year (see this post for how not to trellis snow peas) and they are green with tendrils grasping in every direction. What they lack though, is kind of fundamental, they have not flowered and thus have not produced any edibles. While the dwarf snow peas are going great guns and have kept me in green stir fry bliss, these mammoth melting peas from last year are next to useless. While the snails have munched away at them they remain yet to produce human food (unless you count sprouts, which I don't unless I'm in the mood for making salad and being a hypocrite.)

What is the go here mr snow pea? Too much nitrogen? (your smaller bushier brothers seem to cope just fine) Dodgy seed? (but you germinated) Soil depth too low? (you survived harsher conditions last year) Is the balcony garden just playing silly tricks on me? Well it better start producing soon, or it's getting ripped out to make way for, well, not sure what I can plant at this time of the year, probably more snow peas!!!


Alexa said...

Like you I found that the "climbing" type peas are not worth it in pots. Lots of climbing, not enough peas. This year I've got Oregon Spring snow peas and they seem to be producing nicely.

Kalena Michele said...

Hahaha! I love this story. Prue, don't be quick to rip. I almost ripped up all of my watermelons because they didn't seem to be growing much at all. It was already June and I was seeing all these watermelons in the store, which indicated that I should've had vine by then. I'm so glad my mom convinced me to wait because...well, no look at them LOL. Give the snow peas a few more weeks. Speak nicely to them, encourage them with some phosphate rich fertilizer and see what happens.

prue said...

Alexa - will keep that in mind. Dwarf peas work better anyway.

Kalena Michele - I'll keep them in for a bit, looks like there may finally be flowers on their way, fingers crossed