Monday, July 19, 2010

Harvest Monday

I do wonder where my old camera went, and with it the pictures of my long lost harvest. Still it is another week and another harvest and even in my jetlagged-then-food-poisoned state I have managed to pull a thing or two out of the balcony garden. Snow peas are blooming and setting (though it seems too cold for some) but overall broccoli is the main contender. I'll be harvesting more in an hour or two for tonight's slow roast lamb dinner (which was slated to be last night but I was struck down by bad things in my breakfast and not sure where the rest of yesterday went.)

Carrots are also getting added to each meal. They are smaller in size than last time, though still delicious.

Lettuce and silverbeet are plentiful too.

So a Winter balcony garden in Melbourne is definitely a green balcony garden but check out who will be featuring in next week's harvest Monday (probably because I harvested one this morning but forgot to take a photo of it.)


Marcia said...

An incredible amount for a balcony garden. Good for you.

Bangchik said...

quite a neat harvest for balcony gardening... nice little carrots there.., a bite, a gulp. ~bangchik

Robin said...

Very nice harvest....I hope you are enjoying your cool weather veggies :)

thyme2garden said...

You can grow all these thing in your balcony garden? Wow. My carrots don't even seem to want to grow in my outside garden. It's nice to find new blogs (well, new for me, not for you) like yours through Harvest Monday. Looking forward to more updates from your balcony garden!

Dan said...

Love those lemons!

debiclegg said...

Great job growing veggies in a small space. Hope you recover soon!

Here from HM!