Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Quick update from the Road

I am currently impatiently waiting for my lovely host to return from the shops, to take me to eat what he and the advertisement describes as the world's best and the world's biggest snitzel. This places me currently in Vienna.

I have already ventured through London (including spending a day at Kew Gardens, a post on that will definitely be created when I return, a visit to Hampton Court Palace and an experience in the world's SMALLEST hotel room, which I dare say was smaller than the snitzel I will eat this evening) survived a conference a cousin catch up in Brighton (though I managed to leave with a beautiful lace dress from Topshop complete with security tag, not pilfered from the shiio but a case of the wonderfully 'thoughtful' shop assistant considering it would be hilarious to test the scenario of me discovering this oversight while OUTSIDE the UK. Wonder how they will respond to this stuff up ...) and now have spent a lovely few days with a friend in Vienna. Next up is Budapest, then a return to Vienna before the 24 hour place trip home.

Stay tuned for posts on floral wonderments upon my return.

And for anyone interested, according to my mother, the Balcony Garden is doing just fine in my absence and wonderful E the housesitter is proving he has a remarkeable green thumb.


Dan said...

Sounds like you are having a nice get away!

Kalena Michele said...

Isn't a roadtrip wonderful medicine? Enjoy your trip!

Anonymous said...

what's more there's been plenty of rain from all angles to water and wash the greenery.

europe -an inspirational journey?
let's compare notes in early Oct!