Thursday, July 22, 2010

Meet Mr Fig Twig

Here is the newest addition to the balcony garden tree family. Ok it is a bit hard to call him a tree, or a sapling, or even, well, anything other than a twig, but he is Mr Fig Twig and he joined the garden shortly before I went overseas. Lovely friend Miss M and her man gave the fig twig to me for my 30th birthday. This was because I kept going on and on and on about how I wanted to buy a fig, oh how wonderful it would be to have a fig, a fig a fig my kingdom for a fig, and so forth, but never really got around to purchasing one. Ironically the day I recieved this lovely gift I had vowed to drive to the nursery to buy a fig, but was stopped by cold weather and an overwhelming desire to sleep in. Fortuitous methinks.

At the time I didn't have a pot for him, or potting mix, so in his dormant state I popped him in with the last of the yellow carrots. He seems to have survived. In a couple of weekend's time he will go into his new home, a larger pot all to himself. This of course wont be his final resting place, figs grow quickly so in a couple of years time I will have to invest in a decently sized pot. But until then he can just chat with the carrots.

Anyone else grow figs in pots? If so any tips?


michelle said...

Mmm, figs! I finally planted a couple of fig trees this year also, but not in pots so I can't help out there.

Ivynettle said...

We had one, for a couple of years... but it didn't survive the last, exceptionally hard winter, even all wrapped up in fleece (the pot is far too big to be moved indoors, and they're not hardy where I live, although they'll survive a mild winter).
We also had some - huge - ones at my ex-job - not the sort of plant you'd want to have on your balcony, though, since they were real trees in bathtub-sized pots (200 or 300 litres or so, if I remember correctly). They were meant as ornamentals, but we got a decent harvest from them, too.

Chandramouli S said...

Interesting.... Figs in pots! I never knew it's possible!

Alexa said...

I hope it survives! I passed around a bunch of fig cuttings to friends last winter and none of them set roots. Never grown one in a pot, but I suspect after a few years you'll need to regularly trim both the branches and roots to keep it compact. Good luck!

prue said...

Michelle - aparently they love pots, makes them fruit more

Ivynettle - ok will watch it in Winter, though quite mild here.

Chandramouli - yes apparently it is, but we will find out how well (or poorly) I go!

Alexa - that's strange because usually figs take root really well.