Thursday, July 15, 2010

Back at it with Garden Bloggers Blooms Day

Back to Australia, back to the Balcony Garden and back to blogging about it - all with the aid of my lovely new digital camera. No more really blurry photos. I am quite jetlagged, and have only just been reunited with my luggage (thanks Emirates, losing my luggage was the icing on the cake of your bad service) but it meant I could finally upload my photos and begin blogging again.

I have plenty of posts planned. Turns out most of my photographs overseas were of gardens with a few monuments and other bits thrown in. I will post about my adventures in Kew Gardens, Hampton Court Palace, the streets of Brighton, Hanging Baskets in Vienna, floralness in Budapest, Bratislava and beyond and more. But what better way to begin blogging with Garden Bloggers Blooms Day. It may be Mid-Winter back here in Australia but the balcony garden still has some flowery goodness to offer.

The Cornflowers are of course going very strong. Though notice some are changing colour. The first photo is of the black cornflower with two different coloured flowers on the same plant. This is not due to tricks of the light, this plant really is beginning to send out flowers in various shades of dark purple.

Alas much of the broccoli went to flower while I was away. I salvaged plenty and will show it in Monday's harvest post, but I just feel bad that housesitter E did not get to taste this magical stuff.

I did find a use for some of them - I added them to a rogue sunflower and they're currently in a vase inside. Lovely yellows and reds and oranges to brighten up my Winter house.

Hardy Geraniums penetrate the crisp air with their beautiful red petals.

The succulent is flowering, with reddish flowers that the aphids seem to love (how are they surviving Winter???)

Sunflowers still hanging in there. The whole plants look pretty wrecked but the flowers are wonderful.

Violas are winding their way up the snowpeas and broccoli. Some are a bit frost bitten but still there.

Snapdragons again looking radiant, and I am still not sure how they are still surviving.

What better way to begin blogging again. Sorry about the hiatus but I will be back and writing and exploring everyone elses blog from now on.


Tufa Girl said...

It is quite a diffence between our temps. Nice to see pansies and snapdragons.

Sylvana said...

I love your cornflowers. And that lemony yellow sunflower is so bright and cheery!

Dan said...

The new camera takes nice pictures! Wish our winters were so florific :-)

prue said...

Tufa girl - I found another pansy hiding after I had posted - he is a wierd pale pink, white and purple mix. Will have to post later about him methinks.

Sylvana - I love them too! Sunflowers are almost at the end of their run - time to plant more.

Dan - it does, though the pictures it takes are a bit big for the blog to handle, so a lot more resizing, etc, before posting has to happen.

Dan said...

You should try picasa for the blog pictures, it is a free photo program from google. It is what I use and it speeds things up. Just select all the photos you want, click file/export pictures. A window then pops up, now select the size you want and it does them all at once. You can add text to the photos at the same time too.