Monday, July 26, 2010

Harvest Monday

If you want to see lush Summer harvests, with bowls upon bowls of glistening tomatoes, yards of drying chillis and plenty of zucchini, then this isn't the harvest post for you (for plenty of posts in that manner head on over to Daphne's Dandelions for the rest of harvest Monday.) This is a Winter harvest post, though it is not as barren as one might think. The balcony garden is brimming with the greener side of the vegetable patch and some very well timed citrus. We have lettuce in hanging baskets (with a primrose stuck in the middle)

Baby coriander amongst the garlic (needing to be culled to help give the garlic a chance)

Lemons, four infact, two of which are still on the tree and one which went into this lovey slow cooked roast lamb dish (5 hours in the over, with lemon, garlic and some water in the pan, delicious)

The other lemon went to the fruit bowl, to be with his kind. Note the wonders of apartment living mean the fruit bowl and the powercords are very close friends.

Lunar white carrots, which generally grow more slowly, are the only ones reaching a decent size at the moment. I harvest one or two a day for salads. Wonder what happened to the purple haze and purple dragon carrots which are miniature in comparison.

Silverbeet that isn't silver gets added to stirfries and soups and more each day.

Not bad for a cold, wet, Wintery Melbourne. :) Veggie dinner anyone???


Chandramouli S said...

Not bad? That's awesome compared to my veggies that are either killed by pests or heat or the careless gardener...
It seems like ages since I've visited blogs...

Robin said...

Very nice, you certainly get a lot out of your balcony garden. Keep up the good work :)

Daphne said...

I think it is pretty good. I envy your mild winters. I so wish I could grow things in the winter. I try occasionally but it is really just holding the plants over until the ground thaws out enough for them to grow in the spring.

michelle said...

Fantastic harvest from a cold wet wintry balcony garden. Good job!

meemsnyc said...

A white carrot? That is so cool, is it like a parsnip?

a tasteful garden said...

hey there! saw your link on Daphne's site. i had to visit your blog just because of the name alone. love it! and then to see you mix gardening and Legos :)

you're doing a wonderful job illustrating all that you can grow in a limited space. many kudos! happy gardening!

thyme2garden said...

I'll come over for that veggie dinner. Does the roast lamb come on the side? :)

I love seeing your little containers of baby lettuce and coriander. We just started growing some lettuce indoors, and I think I'm going to have to add coriander (cilantro so those of us in the US) to our lot!

Kalena Michele said...

I can't WAIT for winter. Looks amazing!

Ottawa Gardener said...

For an balcony garden in winter, I have to say that, that looks lovely. I always enjoy seeing the reverse garden (N-S axis wise). I've never heard of cooking lamb with lemon but it sounds lovely.

prue said...

Chandramouli - We miss you!!! Come back to blogging, and don't let the harsh climate conditions you have to deal with get you down. :)

Robin and Michelle - thanks, will do.

Daphne - Mild winters are certainly a blessing, hot summers are less fun

Meemsnyc - nope, they taste just like carrots, bit milder maybe but delicious

tasteful garden - welcome on board!!! :)

thyme2garden - it sure can be.

Kalena Michele - what can you grow in winter in Atlanta? Anything?

Ottawa Gardener - And I love looking at all the Northern Hemisphere blogs, all those beautiful tomato pictures! Yum