Wednesday, June 23, 2010

TIBG goes to England

In just about 3 hours I'll be on a plane to the UK!!!!! It is conference time, so me, my trusty history paper and I are jetting off to speak with like minded souls. A stroll around Kew Gardens, a dance across Hampstead Heath (visiting my old pub where I worked in 2003 on the way) to Brighton for the 7th Biennial IABA conference. After my stint in Brighton it will be off to fair Vienna for snitzel, noodles, and some frivolity with an old friend. A side trip to Budapest will seal the deal then it is back to Oz.

Never fear, the balcony garden is in safe hands, Mr E will be looking after it, sampling its wares and keeping it healthy for my return. The one thing he wont be doing is blogging about it. So for 3 weeks this blog will be on a little hiatus.

One other bonus of this trip - DUTY FREE CAMERA!!! So when I return I will be able to film the BG in good quality.


michelle said...

Sounds divine. Have fun!

Ivynettle said...

Have a good trip! I'm quite jealous of so much travelling!

Visiting Vienna, you're actually going to be quite close to me. :)

Kalena Michele said...

Have fun! One of these days I will visit England. :)