Monday, August 23, 2010

Harvest Monday Hidden Gems

It is Harvest Monday and just look at these wonderful tomatoes.

The purple cherokee is almost as big as my very large coffee cup.

The green zebra was so tangy and creamy. The other two I am yet to try.

Ok, Ok, Ok you got me, so I didn't grow these is some sort of apartment balcony garden green house, Alas the tomato disease issues have not ceased here. All I wanted to do was to be part of the tomato growing gang. I found these beauties at the Vic Markets organic stall and I couldn't resist. Whilt it is Winter down here, it is tomato season up in the northern parts of Australia, and looks like they are doing well!

Harvests here were a little more mundane, some snow peas and some broccoli, which went nicely with some soba noodles.

I will be planting the spring crops soon, so in a few months I will be harvest monday ready! I'll try some disease resistant tomatoes this time round and see if I can get a crop! If you want real tomatoes head on over to Daphne's Dandelions and I am sure many of the blogs on her harvest Monday roundup will include real heom grown tomatoes and more.


Dan said...

Those tomatoes are perfect! Do they ship them in during the winter?

johanna said...

I agree with Dan. Perfect combination of color, size and shape. Don't worry, Dan's just jealous.

michelle said...

Huh, tomatoes!? You had me fooled for a moment, I wondered how you grew them at this time of year. Those are irresistible.

Daphne said...

lol yes tomatoes in the winter. That would be a really good feat. My mom does it though in the mountains of Colorado, but then again she has a greenhouse.

Nartaya said...

I was so jealous that your tomatoes were so perfect! I was going to pick your brain about container growing and tomato success.... and then you spilled the beans about the farmers market. Still lovely tomatoes.

~Holly~ said...

Yummy tomatoes! I'm still waiting on my green zebras. It's my first time growing them so it's nice to see what they're supposed to look like! LOL! Thanks for sharing!

Dirt Lover said...

Absolutely LOVE the first picture of the tomatoes! Nice job on your harvest.

prue said...

Dan - I think they ship them from Northern NSW, so still grown in OZ, just up north.

Johanna - I'm jealous that he can grow his own this time of year.

Michelle - the things I do to get through winter. I did grow tomatoes inside last Winter, but the flies and other problems were a bit much.

Daphne - go your Mum. With a greenhouse she can probably grow all year round. Not sure the body corporate would allow a greenhouse on my balcony!

Nartaya - I've had loads of tomato growing in containers success, the large failures are all disease related which cannot be helped. Check some of my past posts for advice. Tomatoes are a cinch to grow in pots and so much fun (they got me into gardening in the first place)

Holly - green zebras are just amazing. Not a tomato you would ever cook, but grean in salads and sandwiches

Dirt lover - I love that pic too! Now that they are all eaten it keeps me going.

Tom said...

Green Zebra has to be one of the best tomatoes out there.