Sunday, August 1, 2010

Everybody loves purple

Ok so not everybody loves purple, but it seems to be a running theme with the Winter flowers in the balcony garden. I bought two punnets of flowers a while ago, one set of assorted primroses, one assorted set of pansies. I was looking forward to a dazzling array of colour come late Winter. While the outcome isn't bad, it's just all a bit of the same theme.

Beige and purple pansies (it is not often you get to call a flower beige, it is the ultimate insult really.) Two of the plants have turned out with this colour combination. A few more yet to flower to see if my assorted set was less assorted and more sifted.

Then there are the purple primroses. Two more plants have flowered since, and one is a more maroon shade of purple and the other a more royal purple but all still purple!

Even the old favourites are getting into the purple theme - with the lemon tree flowering away.

I am certainly not complaining, any floral colour in Winter is well recieved, but let's hope the remaining few seedlings provide some variety. Or maybe the two I gave away were yellow or orange or pink!


Bangchik said...

There is something about purple.... elegance?.., a hint of being royal?.. the flowers are nice. ~bangchik

prue said...

I like purple, but I like variety more! Still can't complain as they are all beautiful