Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Cornflowers and the last hurrah

The other day was garden bloggers death day, where people showcase what has gone awry in their garden and the plants that have ceased to exist. I've never joined in but it looks a fun one. I certainly had a candidate, one of the blue cornflowers was more brown than blue, in fact it was all brown at one point. I put it behind the BBQ where there is little light for a final farewell hoping to get rid of it at the nearest opportunity.

Well perserverence is one thing, but resurrection is a whole different ball game. Low and behold a few days later he had one last little growth with a defiant blue flower. Go you little blue cornflower.

Now I have had plants perk up before when I've moved them to a warmer/shadier spot, but they were never this far gone. Miracle ... or one last beautiful blast before death? (sad to say it was the latter.) Not to fear though because there are plenty of other cornflowers strewn throughout the balcony garden, in various shades; pink, blue, white and black/purple.


Kalena Michele said...

Those flowers are pretty.

Chandramouli S said...

Aaah! Cornflowers - I love 'em! What a beauty they are!

prue said...

Kalena Michele - they are, and when you look closely they are lots of flowers joined together

Chandramouli - did you ever get cornflower to germinate/grow?