Monday, November 23, 2009


Lemon. No I am not talking about my useless dishwasher which has now been kindly changed by my awesome landlords. Lemon is the little yellow sour fruit on the tree on my balcony. Well one from the old harvest, and plenty more new ones in the making.

More posts soon, now that my parents have gone after their lovely but short visit. Oh and the heat has abated here and we had over 50mms of rain in one day! Crazy weather, lemon weather.


indira naidoo said...

Hi Prue,
exciting to have discovered a fellow balcony gardener! Keep up the good work. Indira

Michelle said...

Oh, look at all those little lemons! Very nice.

Dan said...

50mm of rain is a lot but I bet welcome after all that heat. Cool to see more lemons producing. My tree didn't set any this year, it seems to be kind of fickle about fruit set.

Kate said...

You're growing lemons! How marvelous is that. I gave you an award over on my blog. Please stop by when you have a moment... :D

prue said...

Hi Indira Naidoo!!! There certainly are a few of us balcony gardeners out there (but I always wish there were more!) Thanks for dropping by the blog and keep up the good work, your balcony harvest looks amazing!

Michelle - hopefully they all stay on the tree, lots drop off and I have been pretty lax with feeding it so it might get annoyed, have a tantrum and drop the fruit set.

Dan - it was a huge amount of rain and some of the little tomatoes cracked (it's not often cherry tomatoes crack.) Still the garden looks much happier at the moment, except for the little pot that was under the drain pipe where the soil got seared in two!

Hi Kate - thanks so much for the award! Lemons are the best, and make for a mean lemon souffle!