Wednesday, November 18, 2009

First Tomatoes for the Season

Last year it took until 3rd the of December to get my first tomato, albeit a yellow cherry tomato. This year I picked the first tomatoes (2 of them, pictured above) on the 15th of November! Probably all thanks to the unseasonably hot weather rather than my slightly early planting.

The race to the end was close. The tigerella which I was hoping would win is almost ready to eat, alas this reddening is a few days after the race ended. I knocked one of the tomatoes off the bush and put it in the window to see if it would ripen. It has certainly attained a blush of colour, but it wasn't quite quick enough.

The other hanging pot of yellow cherries looks full of green tomatoes, and it was the winner last year but none were big enough in time.

There was a second cherry tomato that was also beginning to ripen

but it was this one that took it out in the end.

Now to see when the first big tomato will ripen (and when oh when will the mortgage lifter set fruit!?!?!?!)


Grace Peterson said...

Hi Prue~~ Congrats! The first tomato is always exciting for us gardeners, isn't it? Good luck with the rest of the crop.

Lin Georgina Green said...

I sure know how yummy that first cherry tomato of the season is and find it hard not to be the first one to savour the glory of it! (I can never wait and end up eating one that is barely ripe) So excited for you!

Come on mortgage lifter! grow!

prue said...

Grace - exciting AND tasty :)

Lin - hehe it was defitely a hard wait! Just waiting for my parents to arrive so I can eat the tigerella!

Funkbunny said...

Hi, love your blog and congrats on the early-ripening toms. I'm in Melburne too and growing the same toms as you (Tigerella and mortgage lifter) although no ripe fruit yet!! My mortgage lifter does have flowers though....