Sunday, November 15, 2009

Garden Bloggers Blooms Day

It is that time of the month again. Due to the early Spring hot spell most of the flowers in the garden are a bit scorched. The snapdragons are on their last lease of life and the blue cornflowers are just hanging in there.

The pansies seem to have gone from deep purple to white and purple! Very odd

Still the tomatoes are flowering well, when they don't drop off (even though I hand pollinate them.)

The zucchini has gone back to producing only female flowers, which means more baby zukes for my dinner but not any long ones for a proper meal.

The sunflower is stunning at the moment - he doesn't mind the heat.

And the geraniums are happier than ever!

I am planting some new flower seeds this week, portulaca, which like the heat and flower quickly and readily; lets see how they hold up with the summer heat. So the early and unseasonal hot weather has had an impact in the flower world ... stay tuned to see what it has done to the vegetables (I have the first of something just about ripe!!!)


Fern @ Life on the Balcony said...

Love the coneflowers! I don't think any other flower comes close to being that true blue color they have.

Kate said...

Very pretty. I always enjoy visiting you because we are at such polar opposites of seasons. You're dealing with summer heat and I'm curled up in front of the fireplace trying to keep warm.

Funny - Blue coneflowers grow wild in the pasture area of my property. It never dawned on me to cultivate them but I might give that a try. :)

Dan said...

Nice sunny blooms! The only thing blooming here is some pansy's and I am sure not for long. Can I have spring back soon?

prue said...

Fern - I think it is time for pink opnes next spring! Though the blue is amazing. They came as part of a packets of blue flower seeds and it was pot luck as to what actually grew.

Kate - Glad you enjoy the visits. I love visiting Northern Hemisphere blogs all through our winter, the tomato pictures are always a winner! As I said with Fern, these were just the luck of the draw, they are probably the strongest seeds in the mix.

Dan - It feels like summer most days, we've have highs in the mid thirties and in Adelaide my folks have had days in the 40s. It is 10 degree above average. Maybe if I send you that 10 degrees it will help you and make us a little less hot (although hot weather meant early, early, early tomatoes)