Thursday, November 26, 2009

Explosions of Rain

We have had a rather hot spell of late, broken by one large rainy day. Suffice to say I am sure it wasn't the heat that made the car pictured above explode outside my apartment the other week! Luckily everyone was OK in this incident, well everyone except the car, it was gutted. But back to the cooler, wetter bit, the rain.

What a joy it was this morning to wake to the sound of rain. Ok when you live in a multistorey apartment complex it isn't quite the same as during your childhood when the rain fell on a tin roof and made those wonderful loud noises. Indeed hearing the rain from my place is mostly symbolised by hearing wet tires on the road (the sound is more muffled.) Rain has so many benefits, the plants love it (tap water on water restriction days just doesn't cut it) and I love it because it means I don't have to water the garden which takes a while, and the water I have saved gets used another day (although I have to use it up at some point because it goes a bit manky after a while.) Looks like showers, thunderstorms, hail and rain are forecast for the new few days so enjoy this Spring weather Melbourne!


Grace Peterson said...

Hi Prue~~ I'm with you. I live in a fairly rainy part of the world so rain is pretty common during the winter months. People complain all the time, but I love it and like you said, the plants love it too. It's most appreciated during the warmer months, isn't it? I'm happy you're getting a cool, wet repreive from the heat.

I'm glad no one was hurt in the car mishap. Scary!

Kalena Michele said...

Hey, girlie! Happy Thanksgiving :) Stay dry with all that rain down there. LOL Have a great day. I'm grateful for you and your blog. We twenty somethings are gonna be alright! lol