Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Mental about tomatoes: Ornamental tomatoes

I am slowly getting together a couple of posts about the end of season roundup of tomatoes in the balcony garden. As the Black Russian is still fruiting and the Green Zebra I will hold off on those. The Purple Cherokee, Hillbilly and White Cloud are still growing so their summaries will be a long time off yet (if ever, given that I planted them so late fruiting to full colour will be a miracle). Stay tuned though for indepth though possibly unorganised/unsystematic summaries on Mortgage Lifters, Tumbler Tomatoes (red and yellow) and San Marzanos.

In the meantime here is a picture of my accidental purchase on the weekend. I went to buy potting mix, and i came back with an ornamental tomato. Ok so the sign on the punnet said Red Robin tomato, but given it is so late in the season and this is such a small bushy indoor plant I decided to designate it as ornamental. I mean, in the long distant past tomatoes were viewed by the English but never eaten. This tomato, while providing ample viewing pleasure will actually be eaten, but I am not holding my breath for a spectacular taste.

Speaking of accidental purchases I also decided to buy a small punnet of sage. Having tried twice to grow this and proving my adept hand as a sage killer I thought third time has to be a charm. Let's see how long this guy lasts.

And the shopping did not end there. Despite the economic downturn and the fact my credit card has taken a severe belting I could not help myself, and purchased this little bird feeder, hidey hole thingo. I always wanted one so hopefully this will attract some more birds to the balcony (and luckily it is too small for the icky pidgeons)

I also purchased this Zebra Fern. The velvety leaves and contrasting colours just succoured me in. It is currently living on our dining table, but may not attract enough light so might have to find it a new home.

Thre you have it. Slightly mental overpurchases on a student budget but sometimes we just need to err towards extravagance. When it provides slightly tasty morsels, in the case of the tomatoes, herby goodness for its hopefully not too short life, in the case of the sage, a home for finches and lush green indoors beauty, then it is not all negative.


Dan said...

That Zebra Fern is really cool.

Jan (Thanks For 2 Day) said...

Wow, that zebra fern looks amazing.

Michelle said...

It's said that you should never go to the grocery store when you're hungry as you will always buy more than you need. I don't know what the cure is for going to the garden center though... there's always something that I come home with that I didn't plan on buying! I hope your ornamental tomato turns out to be tasty.

Anonymous said...

Love the little birdhouse/hidey hole.

Lisa said...

To attract birds, you need places for them to hide and seek shelter (according to my my gardening book) and water, a bath-like thing for them

prue said...

Dan and Jan - it looks even better in person!

MIchelle - hehe I've heard that too, and made the mistake of going to the markets when both hungry and hungover - never safe when brie is on sale!!! One tomato is now ripening so we will find out soon if it is tasty!

Grace - the birdhouse looked like fun, but I haven't been home during the day to see if it has worked. Birdseed would help too i guess

Lisa - thanks for the advice. Step one, the hidey hole is complete, now for a birdbath, though our never used ashtray (except for parties) fills with water when it rains, but only the pigeons like that!

Dennis said...

I've seen you palling around the same blogs as me so I came to visit yours.......great blog!