Sunday, March 15, 2009

Garden Bloggers Blooms Day - A Rainbow Connection

Rain rain rain, sometimes, if you are lucky, it brings a rainbow with it. For Garden Bloggers Blooms Day this March the garden was overexcited after a day full of rain. And what little floral decorations were present were in their element. The reds, yellows, whites, greens, purples, and more, it was such an amazing array of colour. So in honour of all things rain and rainbow I offer the totally inept balcony garden bloggers blooms day rainbow connection/collection.


Reds come from the Geranuims, which have opened up in the last week.


The Zinnia, hard to photograph in the wind, offered orange in the garden


We have the Gazania, unfurling his yellow petals to the dawning sun.

Yellow too can be found in the magnificent flowers of the white cloud tomato plant. This means it will hopefully fruit in time before the cold.

And yellow of a different kind, in these snapdragons


Well what is not green on the balcony at the moment?!? The contrast between these white Snap Dragons and their green foliage took my eye.

The white flowers of the Lemon Basil are equally as contrastingly beautiful.


Ok so the bloom itself it yellow, I've let some lettuce go to seed, but the blue behind it was what caught my eye.


Ok so this is not indigo, it is more magenta than anything else but I have nothing indigo in the balcony garden yet, and these needed viewing. More snapdragons!


The almost violet tint on the lemon flowers reminded me of this intense bottom part of the rainbow.

And also, though technically pink, these strawberry flowers just drew me in today. The flower with reflection is very reminiscent of the technicalities that create a rainbow.

There we have it, the rainbow connection/collection from the balcony garden. Hopefully more rain is in store for this parched part of the world in the near future. Enjoy your garden bloggers blooms day.


VP said...

What a variety of colours you have on show today!

Methinks you might have to rename your blog at this rate ;)

HappyMouffetard said...

A real rainbow of blooms. You've got more flowering on your balcony than I have in my garden!

Sue said...

What a fun post! I am so excited to get into the growing season for here. Thanks for visiting my GBBD post before I even linked it to Carol's site!

Gail said...

Love the title...and I can hear Kermit singing! All these great blooms on a have a green thumb! gail

Helen Yoest @ Gardening With Confidence said...

Nice rainbow diplay!

Mr. McGregor's Daughter said...

I never used to like Snapdragons, but they're starting to grow on me, especially after seeing your lemon yellow/burgundy combo of them.

Anonymous said...

I especially love that yellow, velvety snapdragon. I could practically breathe its perfume...until I came to the lemon flower. :)

No ineptitude here!

donna said...

Enjoyed your rainbow presentation. Clever. I've become a fan of the snapdragons....mainly because the hummingbirds seem to like them a lot.

Michelle said...

It's nice to hear that you're enjoying some rain! Your rainbow garden is a treat to behold.

Fern @ Life on the Balcony said...

I love Zinnias. They're one of my favorites. The just shout, "It's summer, relax!" :-D

Granny Fran said...

Where does the "inept" come in? As a former roof gardener in Colorado, I salute your lovely balcony garden.