Sunday, March 1, 2009

A Little Precipitation

I just removed most of the half dead tomatoes from the balcony, a complete workout if I do say so myself. While I certainly wish to post on the fall out from the cull, I am a little too tired to bother at present. A hot bath, a glass of wine and my comfy pj's await me. However, first I will tell you about something that made me smile widely the other day.

I awoke the other morning to find the weather a little pluvious, with tiny droplets of moisture falling from the sky. It barely amounted to more than a millimetre but it felt such a welcome relief to the dry and dusty days that have haunted us this summer (and possibly in future summers to come)

After lazing in bed, with the blinds open watching the falling drops I dragged myself out onto the balcony to take a few pictures. In some you can barely tell it has been raining, but these few seem to do it justice.

The sunflower seedlings, in their race to see who can grow stronger first gulpined down the rain as it fell upon them. These two have since been seperated, they kept trying to muscle each other out and in the wake of the tomato cull one of them asked ever so kindly if he could jump ship into another pot.

The tomatoes clung to it also, though in vain, as most of these are now green waste.

The dirty windows pick up the rain, while my mother would be horrified at the fact they have not been cleaned this year, nay this century, at least they work to show the watery goodness.

As for the lemons, while you can't see the rain, you can see the aftermath, each droplet carrying its weight in dirt and depositing it oh so kindly on the plants.

Hopefully there is more where this came from


Gardeness said...

Glad you got a bit of rain. Hope relief is on the way. I think you've got great stuff on that balcony, not inept at all!

Anonymous said...

Rain is always so welcome after a dry spell and it sounds like you've had quite a summer. I haven't heard much about the fires lately so I'm guessing things are easing up. Hopefully rain fell in that region too. I must say that this is the coolest balcony I've ever seen! Lucky girl and far from inept. I won't tell your mom about the windows. :) (Mine are awful.)

Dan said...

Good to hear it rained, I hope it keeps coming! Your lemon looks nice, they do really well in pots once they settle in.

Fern @ Life on the Balcony said...

Heh. I have the exact opposite reaction when I realize an unexpected rain storm has come by. Although I have those darn overhangs with no rain gutters to contend with.

Antigonum Cajan said...

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