Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Citing the Construction Site Sight

I have been meaning to post on this for a couple of days, but waited until the construction was over. Two things happened.

First of all there was Hurricane J. Whether it came about due to clumsiness that was induced by my incessant, frightened jumping during the watching of The Exorcist or a certain someone really had it in for the lego people (I suspect the former) but Saturday night saw the couch bump the strawberry bush and knock the lego house flying. It was Oz all over again, except without the Tinman and Toto and my floor never really resembled Kansas anyway. Plastic interlocking carnage, it was an horrific sight.

Secondly, and more strangely it seems lego people know how to reband and reuild. However, it was bigger and better than lasttime. It seems when I repotted the Hillybilly tomato and placed it next to the strawberry bush the dishevelled lego house decided it was time to pack up and move out of hurricaine valley. Sure the strawberries were tasty but the whole ordeal with the flying had really shaken them up. They not only took up residence in the Hillbilly, they UPGRADED!

So i sighted their construction site, which not only included a balcony, but two stories this time.

Split level living, complete with microwave and cupboards in the kitchen, a seperate dining area and a second level for sleeping.

I am not sure how four people share one bed but it seems to work! Go the lego people, how industrious. I wonder what they will add next ...

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Anonymous said...

You are LOL Funny~~

First, I too jump and cause hurricanes during The Exorcist. Actually I don't make a habit of watching The Exorcist. I don't freak out very easily during movies but The Exorcist is not your average movie.

Your poor Lego people...but a remodel is always exciting. I love their new digs. Please send along my warmest housewarming wishes.

Cheers, Grace