Friday, March 27, 2009

Birdie McBird Baths

The Lovely Ms L emailed me these pics below, taken in a Brighton shop, of two lovely and compact birdbaths. So cute and would be so lovely on the Balcony Garden though I am still deciding whether cost, the fact I would never clean it so we would all eventually die of toxic waterborne diseases and the possibility of attracting the wrong bird is a serious enough set of detractions.

We don't get a lot of birds on the city fringe, some finches or sparrows or something cute and little, and pigeons. The latter I loathe with a passion (that's almost tautologous but allowable on an early Friday morning)

Back when I lived at home my Mum had a bird bath (pictured above) - I remember watching all sort of lovely feathery creatures wallowing in its waters (when there was water in there). The rosellas and lorikeets and more. To bird bath or not to bird bath that is the question. But thanks Lovely Ms L for bringing them to my attention!


Fern @ Life on the Balcony said...

Since you grow tomatoes I would advise against intentionally attracting birds to your balcony. They're cut to watch in the bird bath, but not so cute when they're digging in to your crop. That's the reason I only put hummingbird feaders on my patio.

Dan said...

I should probably have a bird bath but I am entirely to lazy to fill & clean it. I do feed the birds but there is no bathing in my yard.

prue said...

Thanks Fern, didn't think of that. Still we only really get two varieties here in the city (such a shame).

Dan, maybe you could hire a kind of pool boy for the bird bath!

Lisa said...

This one looks like a deathstar