Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Ridiculous Ranunculus

I picked up this flower/bulb/short lived miracle at Poynton's nursery the other day when searching for early tomato seedlings (victory on that front on which I'll post in a day or two.) It has to be the most ridiculously fluffy flower ever. Just how many petals does one flower want? Are you cold? Do you need your petticoats to stave it off, or for modesty??? Or are you just a show-off? Each flower lasts ages, and just gets fluffier and fluffier.

It is currently making merry with Kermit by the window and has another few flower buds in various stages of undress.

Ridiculous name, ridiculous ruffles but also ridiculously good at making the house a little brighter (then again that could also be the increased sunlight with the onset of 'almost Spring' ...) and Kermit's not about to let go any time soon.

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