Thursday, August 16, 2012

More and More flowers

If you want flower from the balcony garden you will have to check out the previous post. This post is dedicated to cut flower and all things presenty. Although graduation time means more students and their families loitering around uni, which can be a right pain if you need to get anywhere, it also means the florists are doing peak business. Beautiful flower posies light up union house and make it smell amazing. THey also come with a rather trumped up price tag.

 Rather than spend a motza at those places, the lovely other half picked me up two terrific small bunches of tulips from the markets to celebrate the occasion. One was a luscious, soft pink while the others were my favourite, yellow and orange.

That night I had some of my cousins around for dinner, and they brought with them some lovely lillies.

My vase collection veers towards skinny, slight glass numbers which don't fit such a bouqet. And the tulips were already in the one, colourful bohemoth vase I had left, which was a last vestige of my 21st birthday all those years ago. What's a girl to do? No vase = no way to keep flowers. Solution - Chop them carefully and put them in together!

Over the days they have opened more

and more

and more

Love those flowers.

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