Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Mint + Heater =

Remember the berries and cream mint I wrote about a while ago? Ok well it really was a bit of a blink and you miss it reference in a post about new plants but it was there. I enjoyed this mint, particularly in salads and as a spring roll wrapping. Delicious!

Mint goes in phases, some days it is vigourous, then days later the snails have chewed it to the ground or an errant gardner has left it out in 40 degree heat in direct sun. But it fights back, mint is strong, it is a trooper, it is a virtually idiot proof herb.

But is it strong enough to withstand the backdraft from the heater?

From this pic the berries and cream mint looks pretty messed up. But if you peer closer you will see new growth, new runners, which will help the plant continue long after the dangers of the heater have passed. Yay mint, you're a real trooper! But will you outlast my urge to replace you in that pot with a tumbler tomato?

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Daphne said...

My mints are the only things I have in pots. They often get ignored and I find them wilting. They always come back. Mint can live through anything. I'm glad I keep them in pots though. I have friends that have mint in their yard and it just grows everywhere.