Monday, August 6, 2012

Harvest Monday: All About my Broccoli!

Lemons may be gone from the balcony garden, though dear friends are still harvesting them by the bagfull from their proper lemon trees and sending them my way. However, that doesn't mean there hasn't been a winter harvest for me this week. This harvest post is about the almost the last of my green friend, Mr Broccoli.

The lovely other half doesn't like broccoli so it is all for me.

It is mostly side shoots now, but they're pretty sizeable. This lot was boiled quickly then frozen for later consumption. Delicioussssssssssssssss.

Not much else has come out of the balcony garden this week, a bit of lettuce and a few herbs were pretty much it. But it is winter so any harvest is a good harvest. What are you harvesting this week? Check out Daphne's Dandelions for some slightly more complete harvests.


Daphne said...

Sometimes I love that my husband won't eat my veggies and sometimes I wish he would. Broccoli is one of those that I'm glad he doesn't eat. Then I get it all to myself.

Jenny said...

very nice broccoli!

Susan Zentmyer said...

Beautiful broccoli! I'm crossing my fingers for a good fall broccoli harvest.