Thursday, December 9, 2010

Bush Fig, Tree Fig, Hipster Fig, Fig Twig

Remember Mr Fig Twig? I introduced him way back when, when he was a pressie from the delightful Dr M-ski for my 30th birthday. He was called mr fig twig because, well, he was a fig tree but he was still a just a weeny little twig. Here is a shot of then of him in his figgy, twiggy glory. Skinny little guy, bit of a hipster really.

Well here he is now, complete with proto-figs between his leafy branches. No more mr hipster fig twig.

I love that with figs, the bit we eat is just an inside out flower. Awesome! He is starting to grow extra bits out the bottom, which I will let him do and make him more of a bush fig than a tree fig. He isn't grafted so I am not worried. Not sure if these tiny baby figs will fall off as he is still very little but if they reach maturity I think I will be having one of these.

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