Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Carry on Corny Corn

Some said I was completely mental and most just muttered I was mildly deranged, but this year I decided to grow corn! In pots, on the balcony. Two pots to be precise, 4 stalks to a pot. Crowded ... well yes. This meant lots of watering and constant fertilising, particularly as they grew bigger. I followed their progress eagerly. They grew and grew.

and as a consequence provided some nice shade and privacy to my otherwise overly visible study.

Then the pollon bits on top formed.

and the jusky bits of goodness put out their tendrilly silks for pollination.

Even with the windy days and even with their intentionally close proximity, I thought I'd help out and hand pollinate too. Group pollination ... Ok I wont go there. :) But here is a pic for interests sake.

Now we are nearing the end stages, will I have a cob of tasty corn in the next few days? How long does it take from pollination to eatability? The silks are already starting to brown.

How fat do I need to let them get (they seem a little skinny at present?) How brown do the silks have to get? Anyone still think I am mad now? (I still think I am a bit potty, but in the harmless way.)


becky3086 said...

I love this post. I have tried to grow corn here and when it rains, it falls over when the clay gets soft. I may have to try a few in pots and see if I can keep up with the watering and fertilizing. What soil did you use?

prue said...

becky - I use the highest grade potting mix I can find. Usually one with lots of organic matter and water holding crystals. A good plant nursery should be able to help. Hope it works!

Malay-Kadazan girl said...

Hi Prue that is wonderful growing corn in pots giving you some privacy and harvest as well. Peel the skin back a bit and just prick a bit the corn with your fingernail if it is milky than it is ready. If it is watery just wait a bit to harvest the corn.

Kenneth Moore said...

This is awesome! I grew some last winter/spring on my windowsill indoors, so although the pollen got everywhere in my apartment, the corn didn't get fertilized very well. I think I read somewhere that they're ready to harvest when they are firm and don't feel like there's a lot of space between the cob and the leaves when you squeeze 'em, but I'm not sure how accurate a test of harvestability that is.

Kalena Michele said...

I'm amazed at what you've been able to grow on your balcony. You're good, girl!