Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Eating the Garden

The balcony garden is not just for good looks or green cred, it is first and foremost for eating (and not just for the snails!) At the moment with constant harvests I usually get to eat something from the garden each day, and sometimes at night too! Double harvest fun, yum. Mostly, with the warmer weather on the way, I indulge in salads which can easily be sourced from the balcony.

There is the salad as a main. For this nutritional whopper just grab some bits from the balcony garden, don't forget the left over zucchini flowers,

Add whatever cans or other goods you have lying around

and hey presto, mega salad of goodness that tastes amazing too!

Or if you are more of a side salad person you could go the whole garden green goodness with your main meal. Baby zukes that weren't pollinated? No problemo, they taste crunchy and yummy in a green side salad.

Or go half green and then mix and match with whatever is in season at the markets.

There's no limit to the tasty treats the balcony garden can contribute to. Tonight I am cooking a curry, which will likely feature some of the zukes from the garden and maybe some greens. The other night the silvebeet went into some creamed garlic quinoa. Suffice to say no one ever goes hungry around here.

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