Sunday, October 17, 2010

Ooopss I missed garden bloggers blooms day

Life has been pretty cluttered lately, some unfavourable, but all the rest in a very good way. The side effect of this though is that life itself seems to be getting on top of me these days, there are people I need to see/email/ring/or all of the aforementioned and before I know it, it gets too late at night and I haven't managed to accomplish any of those things. Thesis, gardening, storms, a funeral and general activities seem to be getting in the way. I even missed garden bloggers blooms day and I never miss garden bloggers blooms day! I couldn't even get outside to take the requisite photographs because of a serious day-long downpour! So instead of simply waiting until the next time, I am taking advantage of recent photographic expeditions to the land of the balcony garden and showing you a small sample of what has been flowering on the balcony garden this Springtime. From pansies to broccoli and rocket gone to seed, apple blossom to violas the garden is an array of colours and shapes and sized. My favourites would have to be the orchids and the boronia flowers.


David, Melanie and family said...

Howdy from Texas!
I love your lead pic with legos. How creative.
You have some nice flowers for GBBD. I used to have only a balcony with plants so hang in there. My flowers never looked as good.
David/ Tropical Texana/ Houston

Urban Gardens said...

well, from your photos, you don't look totally inept. I also forgot Garden Bloggers Blooms Day, so I feel better that I am not alone...look forward to seeing more from your little balcony!