Monday, October 18, 2010

Harvest Monday

Yummy harvests have been going on here at the balcony garden. It is carrots, carrots, carrots all the way, oh and a little bit of lettuce. Oh and eggplants, out came some of the little baby eggplants. Problem was I forgot to take photos of them all! So here they are on the plants or in the ground and you can imagine the yummy harvest!

Although small, I had to harvest some of these overwintered eggplants, because the snails or something similar had already started a harvest of their own. They gave texture and sweetness to a yellow curry.

mmmmmmm cos lettuce. Whether it be sandwich or salad not a day goes by when I don't eat some of this. (don't worry there are several lettuce pots, this isn't just a magic or miraculous single lettuce.)

The carrots may look wilted here, but they tasted great in salad, and in the curry. Purple carrots in this pot. White ones in another. They're all coming out to be replaced with zucchini 0r tomatoes and more.


thyme2garden said...

I still think it's so impressive that you grow all these vegetables in containers on your balcony!

Ottawa Gardener said...

Eggplant is definitely one of my favs. Good to know that you have lots of lettuce ;) and carrots. Nice looking small space garden as always.

Daphne said...

Carrots sound wonderful and your lettuce looks great. I'm always amazed that you can grow so much on just a balcony.