Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Blooming Adelaide in Bloom

It'll be garden bloggers blooms day soon, and there is plenty flowering away on my balcony. However when I was in Adelaide there was plenty in bloom in my Mum's garden and out in the parks where we took the dogs for a stroll. In the home plot there are all sort of goodies. First there were the purple irises. Yes I know the photo is white, Mum bought purple irises, just turned out they were white instead (she was unimpressed but I think they are majestic.)

Gerberas and Geraniums

Strawberry flowers from the new pot I made for her (Ok techincally she ended up potting them up, but I floated the idea ...)

Lime flowers

Orangey goodness (can you tell I don't know the name)

We went walking nearly every day with the dogs. Often round Norwood but one day we went back Burnside way, to Michael Perry park, a spot of greenery from my youth.

Gone was the clandestine rope swing we used back in the day, but still there were trees we would climb, clearings we would rest in and shrubs within which we would hide ourselves away. Magical place then, still at least a magical place for the dogs now.

There were lillies and nastursiums all over the place. Gotta love free range nature!

Adelaide in Spring can certainly be a magical place.


Malay-Kadazan girl said...

I agree Adelaide in spring is a magical place:) Many plants are displaying their flowers now. Iris are everywhere in our neighbourhood too.

Ivynettle said...

The orange flower is Clivia miniata. :)